Map the Gap / Training Course & International Workshop

We are pleased to invite youth workers and young people with IT skills/background to join us on the Map the GAP project activities. If you are searching for new challenges, international experience and amazing people to work with this is CALL FOR YOU!
MAP the GAP project aims to bring together eight countries coming from WB and EU (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia) to investigate the possibilities of common work of IT and youth sector and to develop new products that youth, youth councils and organizations can use within their work.

IMPORTANT – As output of the project we aim to develop a digital tool during the Hackathon which will encourage young people to participate in terms of e-participation. So, PARTICIPANTS will be the ones who create the tool.

Who can apply:

Youth workers from one of the participating countries
Working with young people in the community through organization or non formal group at least for two years. You understand the needs of young people and you are working together with them to increase youth participation. As well you might be familiar with the youth law in your country and cooperate with institutions.
Young people with IT skills from one of the participating countries
It doesn’t matter if you didn’t finish faculty or study in a field. It is enough that you have skills in the creation of new solutions (web platforms, apps, digital tools…) and you are motivated to share your knowledge with youth workers and to learn from them as well.

Who will cover the costs?

Travel costs, accommodation and food will be covered by Youth Council of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for both events.


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